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Bringing the Music of
Abba to a New Generation!

ABBA is back, live on stage in the form of 21st Century Abba; the AWARD WINNING live ABBA Tribute Band that plays all the best songs from your favourite Super Swedes. 21st Century Abba will have you up dancing and cheering for more and of course, leaving as Dancing Queens! Get ready for the flashback of a lifetime!

Meet the

Agnetha (Nina)

Nina has been a fan of ABBA’s music since a small child; after all, she was even named after the ABBA song ‘Nina, Pretty Ballerina’ and fondly remembers her uncle singing it to her.  When she found her Nanny’s Super Trouper album, she literally couldn’t stop playing it; dancing and singing around the house.. It therefore seems natural that, with naturally long blonde hair and a crystal clear soprano voice, she has ended up emulating her pop idol, Agnetha, all over the world.  Before she took to the stage with Abba, Nina sang with top UK gospel choirs, performed on tour as a backing vocalist for several famous rock bands in the UK, and has even sung duets with celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. Nina is an award-winning musician and song-writer and her original music, full of ABBA inspired vocals, is used on TV and online in adverts all over the world. ”I love Abba”, Nina says, “it is such an honour and a privilege to be on stage singing these songs.  Thank you, so much, for the music, Abba.” .

Bjorn (Marcus)

Marcus’s love for playing guitar surfaced as early as seven; he always had a burning desire for mind-bending pop music and soaring electric guitar solos. His innovative style and technique are a sensory delight that can transport you to a different realm bound only by your imagination.  He is also a consummate performer and knows how to get the crowd going, just like his alter-ego, Bjorn.  Marcus was always fascinated by Abba’s music, which to him comprises an excellently crafted,very original energy and appeal. After playing guitar for years, Marcus joined 21st Century Abba to replicate and enhance the euphoric disco and awe-inspiring music that ABBA were so famous for. Marcus is an award winning musician, and like Nina, has been awarded the ‘UK’s Top Abba Tribute’ award several years in a row over the last decade.  When he is not touring  the world with 21st Century Abba, you might catch him playing his favourite, but lesser known Abba song “Hasta Manana”.

Benny (Greg)

Greg is an outstanding musician who started playing piano at a very young age completing his piano grades before most of us even picked up an instrument.  He is something of a musical genius. His greatest influence for choosing the piano was ABBA and in particular the legendary Abba pianist Benny. Greg is something of an Abba connoisseur and his attention to detail has allowed 21st Century Abba to really perfect that Abba sound, taking care of all the small but important details that might be missed by someone with a lesser ear.  As a professional musician for many years now, fans describe him as a great pianist with a rare touch, a gift, and the ability to surprise and “wow” the audience with his playing. Greg , like the real Benny, is the cool character of the group.  Where Bjorn was the showman, Benny was leading from the side, making sure that the production worked.  Greg’s favourite song to perform is  “The Winner Takes It All”.  “The emotion of the vocals in that song, combined with the simplicity of pure piano at first, building to that crescendo, is just phenomenal.”

Anni-Frid (Indrija)

A gifted and captivating vocalist, Indrija has been turning heads and winning thousands of hearts since a very early age. With her naturally striking long auburn hair, and her warm mezzo-soprano vocal, she really is Frida for a new generation! From performing at festivals to intimate parties, and concerts, Indrija has won countless fans performing the best ABBA songs over the years. She is also the adventurer of the group, and is continually on a quest for new adventure, from fire breathing to modelling to motor biking.  Her style and energy adds a touch of joy and lightness to the band, while her rich vocals and harmonies really create that unique Abba sound.

Magic – Drums

Martin is an incredible drummer whose adaptable style and dedication to drums make him the perfect choice for 21st Century Abba, and this is clear when you see him play.  He acts as Musical Director for the band when booked as a five/six piece band or more. and has also been  musical director for Pop Starlets Bewitched as well as working with many other famous names.   He is so highly regarded because of  his love for working in various musical contexts, from hard rock to jazz fusion and everything in between. Martin is a lecturer at BIMM (British Institute for Modern Music) and has artist endorsements from top brands like Sonor and Paiste. He also has his own brand of drumsticks!  Martin’s unshakeable commitment and talent has earned him a wealth of opportunities and we are very lucky to have him in 21st Century Abba; he believes that we are one of the few live Abba tribute bands truly committed to giving an outstanding live replica of Abba in their prime.

Mike – Bass

Mike, as well as being a world class bass player, is also one of the chief writers for Bass Guitar Magazine, having interviewed some of the most prolific bass players of our time.  Not only does he sound good, but his light up fret board on his bass is his signature look – very nice!  Mike has been on the Abba scene for many years, travelling the world, and we are very proud to have him on the 21st Century Abba team.  Favourite Abba song?  “The Winner Takes it all….lyrically heartbreaking, musically wonderful.  An Abba Masterpiece”!